Rabbi’s Ramblings


February 13, 2019

ח׳ אדר-א תשע״ט


Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month

In last week’s Rabbi’s Ramblings, I explained how Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month would be observed at Temple Beth David this month: first, my sermon last Shabbat was about the relationship between disabilities and Jewish life.

Next, this coming Shabbat, Saturday, February 16th, in place of a traditional sermon we will discuss some of the real-world implications of disabilities and inclusion, as well as a range of types of disabilities that people experience. If you are comfortable doing so, please join other congregants by speaking for a minute or two (maximum!) either about a disability of your own, or about a loved one’s disability. Educate us about what life with this particular disability is like, what accommodations you or your loved one have found to be helpful, and what you feel others in our congregation need to understand in order for you to feel truly included at all times.

Special Kiddush this week in honor of Andrew Berger

In the December 2018 – January 2019 Bulletin, I expressed my sincere gratitude to Andrew Berger, who at the time was reaching the end of two consecutive terms as the President of our Board of Trustees.

Well, in case you haven’t already heard, we are delighted to have the opportunity this coming Shabbat, Saturday February 16th, to thank Andrew for all his hard work – and his family for lending him to us! – at a special Kiddush after our service. Please join us for this festive celebration of Andrew and the magnificent contribution to our community of his leadership over the past four years.

As always, feel free to come by yourself or to bring a friend.

Kol Tuv / כל טוב / May all be well for you,

Rabbi Michael Silbert

P.S.  My apologies for any malfunction you might have experienced with last week’s link to the full edition of Rabbi’s Ramblings in the Weekly News for Members and Friends. We are fortunate at Temple Beth David to have skilled people working on our electronic media, but even they can only be successful when given content to post online, in good time! So, here’s hoping that my timing with this week’s edition is better than last week’s, and that our electronic media wizards have enough of an opportunity to make all the various links do as promised, before the deadline!

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