Tu B’Shevat Festive Kiddush on Saturday, February 8th

Tu B’Shevat, also called the New Year of the Trees, marks the start of spring in Israel, and is a time to express our thanks for trees. 

Join us for a festive kiddush on Saturday, February 8th. We’ll enjoy food from trees and other plants, and share fun facts about Tu B’Shevat, trees and more!

Thank you to the Feldman Family (Jonathan, Alison, Maddy and Abby) for sponsoring this special kiddish. 

In celebration of Tu B’Shevat and in recognition of the devastation caused by fires in Australia, Temple Beth David members will be donating funds to help plant trees in Australia. To support the tree planting, call the Temple Office.

Picture: A Ramon Almond (Amygdalus ramonensis) tree in bloom in the Negev Highlands, Israel, February 2015, by Ratoncito Perez

  • February 8, 2020
    10:00 am - 2:00 pm