Elul – Preparing for the High Holy Days

We are pleased to announce that production of Temple Beth David’s “Guide to Celebrating the High Holy Days” is progressing on schedule!

This collection of materials, which is designed to add meaning and relevance to our experience of the High Holy Days this year, even as we stay at home and do not attend services, ought to be in your mailbox soon.

Inside The Guide you will find listings of:
-Interactive online Zoom programs which address different aspects of the High Holy Days
-Meaningful and engaging activities that can be done at home, together with others or by oneself
-Recordings of a selection of prayers and sermons for High Holy Day services, and when, where  and how to access them online
-Accessible yet inspirational readings to help one gain greater insight into the season

In the meantime, the lead-up to the High Holy Days begins right now in the Jewish month of Elul! Click below to view an early release of the Elul section of The Guide.

Elul Preparing for the High Holy Days