Parshat Haazinu 5780

Devarim 32:1-2 (Robert Alter, trans.)
Give ear, O heavens, that I may speak, and let the earth hear my mouth’s utterance. Let my teaching drop like rain, my saying flow like dew, like showers on the green and like cloudbursts on the grass.
Ibn Ezra
the human soul is a bridge between the spiritual and the corporeal. 
Rabbi Yehudah Leib
Torah is thus a commentary or interpretation of Creation itself. That is why we are taught that “the righteous give existence to the world that was created by the ten utterances.”
… the purpose of Torah is to bring forth into reality all that which God has hidden in the world, just as rain brings the fruits of the soil forth from the earth.
Just as earth has the power to bring forth fruits and produce, but needs the rain to arouse its powers, so too with humans, who are called adam since we come from adamah. [so too the purpose of the Torah is arose what is hidden in us.]
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