Purim Tzedakah

Purim is almost upon us! For this holiday there are four mitzvot all Jews should fulfill – eating a festive meal, hearing the megillah read, giving baskets of food and sweets to others (mishloach manot), and giving money to those in need (matanot l’evyonim).

A few weeks ago when we read Parashat Mishpatim, Rabbi Silbert’s sermon focused on empathy, sparked by Exodus 23:9. You shall not oppress a stranger for you know the heart of a stranger. You were a stranger in the land of Egypt. Given the current refugee crisis in so many parts of the world, this was a timely reminder of the great need in our own city, and beyond.

Please join with your fellow congregants and make a donation for Purim tzedakah by sending a check or calling the office by Monday, March 18th. On Purim we will send all the money we raise on the Temple Beth David’s behalf, split between the Rochester Refugee Network and HIAS (formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, now an international refugee assistance organization). Any amount will help fulfill this important mitzvah. Thank you!