Parshat Beh’alotecha

sparrow pelted by snowIn this parsha, Moses asks God to take his life. He sees himself as a failure, and his burden too great. Rabbi personally recounts that this is the text he goes to when he feels too overwhelmed. God teaches Moses to seek the help of others.

Why does Moses feels such despair? Despite the great miracles that the Israelites have experienced, they complain about missing the fish, leeks, and garlic of Egypt. Moses has driven a revolution, yet his people remain petty and small. Judaism is a religion of change, “a religion that is a protest against the world that is.” But not much of a protest if the best you come up with are complaints about fish stew.

To move forward, Moses has to rediscover his humility, his ability to let go of his image of how the world should work, and reencounter his people.

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