Operation “Into The Midst”: The TBD Effort to Extend Healing to Oklahoma

Join Temple Beth David in an urgent effort to collect funds for Nechama.org, an amazing organization dedicated to disaster relief.

From Parashat Korah last week, we learned that after three destructive forces sent to destroy the Israelites, Moses ordered Aaron to run “Into the Midst” of the congregation where a plague had begun among the people. Aaron then stood between the dead and the living until the plague ended. (Numbers 17:12)

From this we learn how important and how necessary it is for us to be active participants in helping in crises. Whether through donations or physically going to the affected areas in need of support we are all commanded to run “into the midst.”

As we are all aware, families in Oklahoma have been devastated by the tornadoes that have recently struck there. Young and old have been left without homes and basic needs.

With our own “Into the Midst” efforts, our goals as a congregation will be to get 100% participation from our incredible community here at Temple Beth David. We will also be extending this initiative to the community at large and are organizing a trip to Oklahoma this summer for hands-on help in rebuilding communities like our own there. The funds we raise will be sent to Nechama.org as a community. A congregant volunteer will contact you soon to see how you would like to contribute.

Additionally, we need help with volunteers for making phone calls and keeping the congregation informed. If you are interested in volunteering or in traveling to Oklahoma to help in the affected areas, be sure to contact the Temple Office or speak with me to sign up.

May we all continue to be inspired by the words of Torah. Kayn Yehi Ratzon, May it be God’s will that the people of Oklahoma feel the support of volunteers around them and see a rebuilding in their midst. Thank you for your Support!

Rabbi Rachel Smookler

photo via newsok.com