March 2012 Lifelong Learning Page

●  We Are Never Alone: Love and Intimacy in our Tradition

●  Community and Connection:  Celebrate Purim at our Persian Purim Banquet and Purim Carnival and welcome in Shabbat at our Kabbalat Shabbat service and Shabbat dinner at the JCC

In Adar (Feb. 24th – Mar. 23rd) we multiply our joy!  Our learning this month will provide a glimpse of the many faces of love and intimacy in our peoples’ Tradition. Our community will enjoy a sumptuous Persian Purim Banquet, Megillah reading and shpiels and revel at our Purim Carnival.  We will enhance our spiritual preparations for Pesach with a musical Kabbalat Shabbat service and potluck dinner in which we put our chametz into service.

March 4: Purim Carnival                        March 7: Persian Banquet and Megillah Reading

March 17: After Kiddush Learning          March 18 and March 25: Tefillah Learning

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