December Lifelong Learning

Temple Beth David’s December, 2011 Lifelong Learning
Community and Connection: Celebrate the First Night of Chanukah at Temple Beth David – Bring your menorah and candles and your appetite for good food, fun, and Jewish trivia.
● Shabbat Learning: Learning How to Put Our Money Where our Hearts Are: The Spiritual Energy of Money and Tzedakah

In Kislev (Nov. 27th – Dec. 26th) we will celebrate our festival of lights and religious freedom as well as explore the way Judaism has embraced tzedakah throughout history, from Biblical times to the present. We will marvel at how the mitzvah of tzedakah has transformed Jewish communities and enhanced the quality of life in civilizations throughout the world.
Community and Connection: On Tuesday, December 20th at 6:00 pm, come and celebrate the first night of Chanukah at Temple Beth David. We will light our menorahs together, sing songs, enjoy wonderful food and participate in an engaging and fun-filled Jewish trivia contest where everybody wins!
On Shabbat, December 10th, after kiddush in the Small Sanctuary, we will all participate in engaged discussion on the mitzvah of tzedakah and how it has been understood in Jewish culture, our mystical Tradition and in other societies. Rabbi Berg will facilitate our community learning.