Cantorial Options Survey

Cantorial Options Survey
Our Temple Board of Trustees requested a committee convene to make recommendations for Cantorial Services after the departure of Sam Asher. We have been meeting for over a month and have created a set of options; we need the input of the membership to help guide our final recommendations. You will be receiving a paper survey in the mail, with an option to reply on-line. Please give us your responses as quickly as possible so that we can have some data to share at the Congregational Meeting on October 30th.

Although one copy of the survey was sent to each household, each adult family member may complete the survey, either online or on paper. Extra paper copies are available on the Shabbat table here at temple.

We are planning to narrow down the options in November and making a final set of recommendations to the Board at its December meeting. The committee members are Judy Levy, Sy Zivan, Gary Cohen, Susan Baruch, Scott Bauman and Maxine Manjos. Thank you for your help in this important activity.

If you have already particpated in the survey, THANK YOU.

If not, Click Here to take part in the survey now or mail in your paper copy today. If you take part in the online survey, please don’t mail in the paper survey you received in the mail.