February Lifelong Learning

Temple Beth David’s January Lifelong Learning
“Cheers from the Jews of England”
“Lunch and Learn Program Presents Author Susan Baruch”
Learners’ Minyan

What do we learn from studying Jewish cultures? In addition to learning about the
challenges and contributions of different Jewish civilizations throughout history, we also
learn how to adapt to and thrive in our own environment. How do we live meaningful
Jewish lives in highly-assimilated America? How does what we learn affect our lives in
Rochester, New York? What do we retain? What do we filter out?

In Adar I (February 4th – March 6th), we lift our cups to the Jews of England. In Shevat,
we heard the discordant accusation of “blood libel” used in American politics. This
month we will study the origins of this term and the context within which it arose in
Norwich, England. We will also be inspired by the lives of one of the greatest Jewish
philanthropists of all time.

On February 2nd, author, Susan Baruch, will take us on her journey of personal challenge
and accomplishment in “My New Life as a Writer.” Susan will share with us her
personal story as well as her published stories. Come and bring a friend. Our Lunch and
Learn program is open and free of charge to the entire Rochester community. It will take
place at Temple Beth David between 12:00 – 1:30 pm. RSVP to Maria Dewhirst, Temple
Administrator, no later than January 28th.

On Shabbat, February 19th
, we will challenge our perception of history as well as of some
of our American Jewish values. Is it possible to be too rich? For the Jews of England it
was a problem at one point in history. But then we see how great wealth acquired by the
English philanthropist Moses Montefiore was able to save Jewish lives in Syria and
stimulate the growth of the Jewish population in Jerusalem. Shabbat learning during the
morning services and after an English kiddush will be facilitated by Rabbi Berg.
Learn to Pray in Hebrew! We are continuing to work out the details of our new learners’
minyan. Several people have expressed a desire to learn our daily and Shabbat liturgy. If
you would like to join them in accessing the heart of Judaism through prayer, call (319-
4407) or email Rabbi Berg (rabbiavivaberg@gmail.com).