Chaye Sarah and Cemetery Plots

By Sy Zivan

Today’s Torah portion includes Sarah’s death and the description of Abraham first gaining permission to bury her in what is now Hebron and the detailed negotiations involved in Abraham’s acquisition of the actual burial plot..

The Temple Karen and I belonged to in Manhattan used this parashah as an opportunity to learn about the importance of acquiring a cemetery plot.while we are alive. Death is even more certain than taxes. The last thing we should saddle our kids or relatives and friends with, upon our death, is the need to acquire a cemetery plot. In this case, we can all be one better than Abraham and know where our family’s last resting place will be while we are still alive.

I am not standing up here with an order form for each of you to fill out. However, I encourage you to speak to Maria about cemetery plots owned by Temple Beth David and what their costs are right now if indeed you have not acquired plots at this time. I also ask that you pass this word on to family and friends.