High Holy Days 2020/5781

September 24, 2020

Shanah Tovah and Welcome to Temple Beth David,

We are delighted that you are looking for High Holy Days content on our website. Below you will find links to prerecorded sections of both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur prayer services, as well as a link to our “Guide to Celebrating the High Holy Days”, which is filled with inspirational activities and reading.

Allow me to take this opportunity to acknowledge that last weekend, on Rosh haShanah, my sermons were posted later on the web than the links to the prayer services. While this was unanticipated, I do need to take complete ownership of this error. This weekend though, I can GUARANTEE you that the sermons will be posted late: you can expect to find them here by Sunday! (webmaster note: the link for the sermon is included below – go to 09 a – as of 9/27/20 5:20 pm)

I apologize for my tardiness and also am extremely appreciative of your kindness and understanding that the learning curve has been steep this year as I have tried to master numerous new skills (e.g. desktop publishing our 44-page Guide, filming, editing and uploading video, etc.) in real time. I also express my sincere gratitude once again to Rebecca Weber and Sue Eckhaus for their assistance.

Bivrachah – with blessings,

Items on this page (last updated 9/27/20 5:20 pm):

A) 2020/5781 Guide to Celebrating the High Holy Days

B) Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur Day)

C) “Shanah Tova!” video link & “Rosh haShanah First Day Sermon” video link
Prerecorded Rosh haShanah Services
Rosh haShanah Activities at Home referenced in “The Guide”

D) Study Guides for Elul


A) 2020/5781 Guide to Celebrating the High Holy Days: TBD The Guide 5081


B) Yom Kippur
Prerecorded Yom Kippur Services

01 Kol Nidre evening – Kol Nidre, Page 205 https://youtu.be/5dX8TjAA9h8   

02 Kol Nidre evening – The Sh’ma and its blessings, Page 207 – 212  https://youtu.be/tkryifflwas

03 Kol Nidre evening – Ya’aleh through Adonai, Adonai, Page 223 – 226 https://youtu.be/pRmLa2KRMlI

04 Kol Nidre evening – Ki Hinei, Page 227 https://youtu.be/r23uDuMmugw

05 Kol Nidre evening – Adonai, Adonai; Sh’ma Koleinu, Page 232 – 233 https://youtu.be/2vBQZKS1Vsc

06 Kol Nidre evening – Ki Anu, Page 234 https://youtu.be/c9lhk-nakOM

07 Kol Nidre evening – Ashamnu; Al Cheyt, Page 235 – 238 https://youtu.be/KKJaKgJmfxA

08 Kol Nidre evening – Mi sheh’Annah; Avinu Malkeinu and concluding prayers, Page 240 – 250 https://youtu.be/1WxLtEBV88k


09 Yom Kippur day – Shacharit – Repetition of the Amidah, Page 252 – 272 https://youtu.be/_yQ-qzVSWJs

09 a Yom Kippur day – D’var Torah (Sermon) https://youtu.be/hSwqp01jUTc


Updates have been made to the Book of Remembrance to reflect the most recent congregational information and to correct Hebrew typography errors in the Mourner’s Kaddish and Psalm 23. Please note that the Mourners Kaddish is not recited in the absence of a minyan.

Here is the supplement: 2020 BOR supplement

10 Yom Kippur day – Yizkor Service – Book of Remembrance, Page 1A – 14A https://youtu.be/IJhMIdPulD0

11 Yom Kippur – Musaf – Repetition of the Amidah: Hineni through veChol Ma’aminim https://youtu.be/Zb5c99tRktw

12 Yom Kippur – Musaf – Avodah and Eilleh Ezk’rah https://youtu.be/wPN45PRSvvY

13 Yom Kippur – Musaf – Sh’ma Koleinu through haYom, Page 346 – 358 https://youtu.be/6ubB545Hpzc

14 Yom Kippur – Ne’ilah https://youtu.be/8eiGSJt8Q0E


“Shanah Tova!” video link   https://youtu.be/OI6i3shMB5g

“Rosh haShanah First Day Sermon” video link  https://youtu.be/IZCHu1pykLI


Prerecorded Rosh haShanah Services



01 Rosh haShanah, 1st Day, Shacharit – The Sh’ma and its blessings (beginning at haMelech) https://youtu.be/EK5d9FvRegQ

02 Rosh haShanah, 1st Day, Shacharit – Repetition of the Amidah https://youtu.be/cd4_nDkjn5M


03 Rosh haShanah, 1st Day, Musaf – Hineni https://youtu.be/i-8RrtiGeN0

04 Rosh haShanah, 1st Day, Musaf – Repetition of the Amidah  https://youtu.be/y2xeDWNeY5o



05 Rosh haShanah, 2nd Day, Shacharit – The Sh’ma and its blessings (beginning at haMelech) https://youtu.be/lUyYKIB7M90

06 Rosh haShanah, 2nd Day, Shacharit – Repetition of the Amidah https://youtu.be/btgkE_CnyVM

07 Rosh haShanah, 2nd Day, Shacharit – Avinu Malkeinu https://youtu.be/QdZVRmwgAsI


08 Rosh haShanah, 2nd Day, Musaf – Hineni https://youtu.be/-e6bO54GAXQ

09 Rosh haShanah, 2nd Day, Musaf – Repetition of the Amidah with Shofar Blowing https://youtu.be/0rhvbKFw-HQ



10 Blessing for Candle Lighting https://youtu.be/jgh2QKPq42Q

11 Kiddush and Blessings before Eating https://youtu.be/kn_UtzsobK0


Rosh haShanah Activities at Home referenced in “The Guide”


  1. Haggadot.com released an accessible haggadah for those celebrating Rosh Hashanah at home. The haggadah includes explanations of the wordplay behind the simanim and some reflective exercises. If you want your seder to spark a discussion, this is the haggadah for you.   https://highholidaysathome.com/haggadah/30-minute-rosh-hashanah-seder
  2. Kol HaOt, a Jewish arts organization based in Jerusalem, produced a haggadah that provides an overview of the seder as well as detailed explanations of each siman. Available in English, Spanish, Russian, or Hebrew, the haggadah also comes with some creative activities, like a downloadable placemat and instructions to make origami pomegranates. This is a great option for those new to the Rosh Hashanah seder who want a crash course in its history and significance.  http://www.kolhaot.com/uploads/2/4/5/5/2455578/haggadah_english.pdf
  3. Stephen Wise Temple Haggadah: This quick and easy haggadah includes simple simanim as well as some familiar prayers, like a Kiddush and Shehechiyanu. https://www.wisela.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Rosh-Hashanah-Seder-blessings.pdf


The Forward: https://forward.com/life/453618/consider-the-seder-a-pandemic-proof-traditional-way-to-celebrate-rosh/

The New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/06/at-home/celebrate-jewish-holidays-safely-coronavirus.html


D) Study Guides for Elul: http://www.tbdrochester.org/2020/09/elul-1-and-elul-2-study-guides/

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